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Get to know all about Buck Run Ranch - what we do, our mission and our history. Buck Run Ranch is a year-round farm that offers a variety of fresh farm products. At Buck Run Ranch we feel incredibly fortunate and blessed that we get to do what we love. We’d love for you to take part in the Buck Run Ranch experience. For more information, get in touch!


In the last century conventional agriculture has emphasized chemistry and groundwork as the means by which to feed the world. At our farm we believe that a problem so complex has no single solution. However, the efficiency of management intensive grazing combined with pastured poultry is certainly an interesting example of how land depleted by traditional agriculture can be regenerated.   In this picture a recovering pasture through intense rotational grazing sequesters carbon into the soil and pastured poultry charges the carbon sequestered. This is a more efficient use of pasture, uses less water, requires less land, regenerates depleted, and allows cattle, chickens, and grass to work together in our pastures to build soil yielding hopefully more productive pastures the coming years. Pastured poultry is but one of the permaculture projects on the farm.


Juniper Tree Management

Did you know a single Juniper tree can use an average of 35 gallons of water per day? With natural fire cycles disrupted, Government programs fund projects to drop native grass seeds by airplane or helicopter over large tracts of land and then mulch entire juniper forests. Frequently a decade or so later the Pinion/Juniper forests grow back thicker or invasive Cheatgrass with frequent fires replace the forest. While chaining and mulching can be appropriate tools if well managed, as we broaden our pastures and take a balanced approach to Juniper control we understand the place Juniper trees have as a pioneer species, the shelter from predators and weather they provide our animals, the primary source of biochar for our fields, the primary source of heat for our home, and the great resource they are.