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Straight from the Farm


Local Pasture Raised Eggs


Pick up your farm fresh eggs fresh from the farm or delivery available to Tooele Valley and Dugway.  Pasture raised eggs are rated by the experts as the healthiest, most flavorful, most ethically produced and I find our customers agree. Daily moves to fresh pasture mimics nature and animals simply moving each day avoids unhealthy buildup of manure and disease which result from confinement systems. Our eggs have earned a reputation for colorful assortments, great texture, great flavor, and rich dark egg yolks. Let us know how you like to cook them we love to hear!


Grass Raised Ground Beef


This year we are proud to offer our customers grass raised beef. The steaks were amazing and have come and gone, but some ground beef remains for sale. The superior quality of our beef is a result of great genetics, daily moves to fresh pasture, clean water/environment, a natural diet of hay and grass, and as all other products of this farm the animals are ethically managed for the highest possible quality of life and in application of regenerative agriculture principles.

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